Profosee Muzik is in total support of the Global Mission to impart inspiration and hope to people everywhere. We endeavor to reach people via a diverse blend of genres including R&B and Gospel Rap. Whether it be in a live performance, shared on the streets, listened to online, in your home, business, production, memorable event or your earphones, we desire to inspire.   

Profosee Muzik will always produce spiritual enlightenment through Music and Entertainment.   

Our mission is to motivate and inspire people from all walks of life and to share the Good news with you, your Family and Friends worldwide 24/7.   

We appreciate your subscribing to the Profosee Muzik for your Personal Listening or dancing and celebrating life. The Lord Bless you, your family and friends. Keep us in your prayers and thank you for your support. Remember, you are not condemned, but spared to inspire.  

Romans 8:1; Philippians 4:13